What is SPARC?

SPARC (Success Pathways and Roads to Careers) helps the future work-force achieve their career goals by bridging the gap between classwork and the work world. It provides users with an easy way to learn more about local employers and the careers they offer.  By registering your company through SPARC, you can connect as a Career Coach with students and young adults who are interested specific career paths.

SPARC also allows students and young adults to learn more about careers offered at your business through work-based learning opportunities such as guest speakers, company tours, job shadows and internships.

 Set Up Your Company Profile

Through Career Cruising, you can setup and maintain a company profile to describe your business, highlight your unique attributes, and communicate your areas of need to the future employees as well as parents and educators.  To sign up your company, click here.

Participating in SPARC can:

  • Increase your business’ visibility and highlight your community involvement
  • Promote careers that are available in SPARC and help students realize that there are many opportunities in your community
  • Nurture your future workforce by connecting with them early in their career development
  • Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real world needs
  • Help build Delaware into a workforce-strong and economically vibrant state
  • Positively affect and directly address Delaware’s drop-out, graduation and unemployment rates


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If SPARC isn’t in your workplace yet, and you’d like to add your company to the SPARC Platform, click here.