VisionCoalitionVision Coalition of Delaware is only three weeks away from unveiling their Student Success 2025 strategic plan—a ten year vision for public education in Delaware.  Over the past year, 4,000 Delawareans, including 1,000 students, weighed in on this vision for the future of education in our state.

It all boils down to one main question: What skills and attributes should an educated Delawarean have in 2025?  Student Success 2025 is the first step in answering that question.  The plan breaks down into six core areas: early learning, personalized learning, postsecondary success, educator support & development, fair & efficient funding and system governance, alignment & performance.

For SPARC Delaware, the postsecondary success component is where our focus is.  While many jobs require a four-year degree, there are so many good jobs in our area that do not.  According to Vision Coalition of Delaware, today’s measures indicate that too few students are ready for challenges beyond high school.  SPARC looks to close that gap.

By connecting students directly to the workforce in areas that they are interested in, they can graduate high school with a better understanding of what field they want to enter, potentially with connections within a Delaware company.

How can you get involved?

  • Attend the Student Success 2025 Launch on September 16th. Register online by clicking here.
  • Become a Career Coach on SPARC Delaware. There is a low time commitment with a lot of potential for creating an engaged future workforce with today’s students.
  • If your company is already on SPARC, talk to us about how to create a Work-Based Learning Activity. This takes student engagement to the next level, and gives students a true look inside what it takes at your company.  Find out more by emailing us at