SPARC TALKSPARC isn’t about technology. It’s about making connections. It’s about creating opportunities.

SPARC is about building knowledge and developing skills. It’s about understanding interests, skills, and abilities, and exploring how they might translate into rich, fulfilling careers.

SPARC is about  helping students, youth and adults connect with local employers, gain first-hand knowledge of the workplace and develop career and college readiness skills.  It’s about helping Delaware employers build a talent pipeline, and get a head start on developing relationships with their future employees.

SPARC is about building a network of connections and a library of knowledge, and then putting them both to work. SPARC is about being prepared to try new things, and then being prepared to share what did and didn’t work with others.

SPARC Talk is an online forum, where registered users can access and contribute to discussion boards on different SPARC-related topics. In order to get started, click below to register for a SPARC Talk account.